Partnership between Mazda and Toyota to develop electric cars and connected

Prueba Toyota PriusDay-to-day we are more aware that the future car will pass, within a short time, the electrification total number of thrusters and the connection between vehicles and systems of roads and cities. It is for this reason that the various manufacturers are putting the batteries (never better said), to develop both thrusters electric systems of connectivity and functions of driving autonomously.

A good solution to cope with the costs of all these developments, which are not chump change exactly, it is that two or more companies associate with each other taking place between both the development as the costs of the same. Apparently, the japanese brands Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. they are trying to associate to exploit together the resources and intelligence of the two manufacturers in the field of electric cars and of vehicles connected. So account Automotive News.

According to this means, both companies have been exchanging views on ten possible themes of cooperation. It seems to be that Akira Marumoto, executive Vice president of Mazda, has admitted the relationship and conversations between the two automotive brands, to carry out an agreement in which both Toyota as Mazda did in front of in conjunction to the coming changes in the world automotive; however, he declined to give more details about the conversations.

Mazda Skyactivon the other hand, Reuters reported almost a year ago that in addition to these two themes, collaboration may also include improvements between the two marks in advanced safety systems, as well as transfers of technology. Mazda could use fuel cells and hybrid technology from Toyota, while Toyota would receive engines of Mazda diesel and gasoline from the well-known family of efficient Skyactiv.

president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, said about the agreement: “Mazda has shown that always thinks of what is to come for the vehicles and technology, while still managing to stay true to its roots automotive basic. I am delighted that our two companies can share the same vision and work together to improve the cars”.

it would Also be the first collaboration between the two, since they share a factory in Mexico where Mazda produces the Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris iA.

Sources – Automotive News and Reuters