Partnership between McLaren and BMW to develop engines that are more efficient

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The requirements of regulations, anti-pollution every time they put the hardest things to different manufacturers and, although not what we create, to the people in charge of developing vehicles with very high performance, even in some conditions more than to the marks of great volume. This has led to the signatures McLaren and BMW to sign an alliance with the objective of to improve their technologies in seeking to reduce the greenhouse gases that your cars expelled by the exhaust.

That agreement has been announced today as a partnership for the development of new technologies for their thrusters and auxiliary systems. Apparently, not seek only to minimize the environmental impact, but also leverage the research to improve the yields of its mechanics. Is it possible to reduce emissions and increase performance? Yes; in fact, what we have been seeing a lot of time. The cars each time they spend and pollute less and can be much faster.

Coach has talked with a representative of the brand of Woking. The british claims that from McLaren told them that technology “will be devoted to the application in future engines”, understanding logically that of both firms. Our colleagues tell us that the result of this alliance will materialize, on the part of McLaren, at the beginning of the next decade, when the company has thought to implement it in a new engine for one of their vehicles. We don’t know if it will be a totally new model, in a prototype or if it will be introduced at some restyling of its current range.

it Seems that this collaboration will also help the british Government. Coach says that the total investment of the project will cost 28 million pounds, a few to 32.5 billion euros at the current exchange rate. Half of the investment will be borne by the government, while the other half will be charged by the two firms, privately, although we do not know in what proportion will help each one of them.

Mike Flrewitt, head of McLaren Automotive, I would have declared that “we will continue designing and building our own engines independently and the benefits of this project will help us to accelerate the development of our next generation of powertrains”. Therefore, this collaboration does not mean that we will see the engine of McLaren in the BMW or the reverse, but each manufacturer will use the information gathered to your liking.

Source – Coach