Pascal Wehrlein the best positioned to go to Mercedes

Pascal Wehrlein

is Not the best of candidates, or much less, there are other pilots we have spoken of better quality and with more experience, or even not so experienced as Verstappen likely to be of another pasta that the young Wehrlein. This is not to say that Pascal is a bad pilot, or much less, on the contrary, has enough talent and reach high.

But besides that contracts will not cease to move to drivers like Kimi, Vettel, Bottas, Alonso, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Sainz and other pilots we have spoken of, as belonging also to the quarry of Mercedes Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein is a pilot that has not yet secured a seat next year, has not signed with anyone and is free to move.

Hamilton y Rosberg en rueda de prensa

in Addition to lead by example and trust in their pilots of the quarry, Mercedes has had a long tradition of German pilots always among their ranks, and although Pascal is not 100% German, has German nationality. And that tradition of the mark of the star, which is linked to the other advantages that we’ve talked about, put Pascal in the best position to be – mate Hamilton in 2017.

Wehrlein is the son of a German father and mother of Mauritius (Africa). This tie that binds him to Germany is of great interest to the firm. The question now is… How will with Hamilton? Because as they say both have characters that are difficult, in the case of Hamilton as we know it, but Wehrlein has been a little more covered to be on teams like Manor and not be of much interest, but in Mercedes they could flourish and be the next talk of the paddock.