Passionate proclamation of the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta and Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari LaFerrari Spiderit’s been a couple of months ago that a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta out-hunted by barcelona while in the company of Maranello I took a spot promotional. It seems to be that they took advantage of the visit to the city of Barcelona gave much of himself and they were able to finish producing an ad so awesome, funny and passionate as the one that we leave in this article.

the driver of The supercar convertible we will ring, as it is neither more nor less than the four-time champion of Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel. The German pilot is put at the controls of the LaFerrari Aperta both on public roads as a circuit, taking things with relative calm in the first stage, and squeezing all the capabilities of the luxurious Italian path of Montmeló, playing with the inertia and the configuration of the management programmes by the “jackknife”.

The most curious of the video is like Ferrari, “has called” to his own history of the competition, reflecting on different elements and making it part of the video. In this sense, the “cavallino” they want to make us see that the Ferrari LaFerrari is the legacy of those legendary models of competition of the house of Maranello.

we Recall that the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta uses a hybrid drive system, as supposedly it will make all the Ferrari from the year 2019. The motor thermal is a 12-cylinder in V, with 6.3 litres of cubicaje and a power of 800 hp, while the propellant electric is able to provide 163 hp. The end result is spectacular, giving a total power of 963 hp and an incredible torque of 900 Nm. The same Ferrari calls the hybrid system as “HY-KERS”. With all of this is capable of performing the 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and achieves exceed 350 km/h in their figure tip speed.