Pastor Maldonado at 'breeding fame and throw yourself to sleep'


The Spanish proverb is one of the most complete and the said ‘breeding fame and throw yourself to sleep’ comes to hand to Pastor Maldonado, or at least I considered it. The pilot of venezuela has celebrated its fifth year in F1, and by the way has left a good number of dangerous actions and sanctions. In spite of this, Pastor Maldonado believes that the commissioners of the Formula 1 are too strict with him. In fact, the pilot of Lotus -now Renault – believed that other drivers are not penalized with as much speed and toughness as he, when immersed in an incident.

Pastor Maldonado says: All the pilots collide, all have had incidents and not missed anything. Bottas and Kimi touched two times and it is a racing incident. I have a stupid touch, and is the news of the day. That’s why it considers that their reputation plays a bad pass. “it Is difficult for me because the stewards judged differently. They do their job, but sometimes the points of view are very different. I have seen incidents during the year and they were not so hard on your decisions, but with me, they become more strict“.

Without going to judge the subjective aspects, what is certain is that Pastor Maldonado is the most points accumulated in your card driver since it was implemented, this system and although at times has been very close to reaching the limit of 12 points tax, the period of 12 months, that is no sanction has been alejándole of the maximum. The venezuelan has added six points on your driving pilot in 2015. Three of them were for speeding behind the Safety Car (Malaysia), one for a touch with Marcus Ericcson (Catalunya) and two for his accident with Sergio Perez (Hungary).