Pastor Maldonado: “Formula 1 is the plan To”


This season, the absence of Pastor Maldonado is one of the most notorious in the grill of Formula 1. The pilot venezuelan lost his seat in Renault in the heat of the economic problems of PDVSA, its main sponsor, and has since been one of the biggest names recurring for a return to the Great Circus.

For the moment, the winner of the Grand Prix of Spain 2012 is still looking for financial support to return to compete, and it was left to see in the past Monaco Grand Prix. In statements to Motorsport, Maldonado has reiterated its intentions:

“I Am looking for and working very hard, and with luck we may get something in Formula 1. I am open to good things. Not only to do anything. If we can do something in Formula 1, it will be good, but if not, I’m fully prepared. It was a little disappointing, of course, because I’ve been competing for 25 years, and was a little difficult to assimilate by then, but so is life. I look forward, and I move on.

“it Was good to take a break in the middle of a bad time, especially this year, taking into account the results of the Renault team, and simply observe from out to decide where to go, especially if we can return next year“.

The venezuelan made reference to his work as a test pilot Pirelli, which plays a major role at the time of study, test and verify the operation of the new compounds of the Italian brand that will enter in operation in 2017, wider and with more grip. Pastor appreciates the impact that this new role has had on his riding:

Pirelli called me to do the development of the tyres, and we have been doing an excellent job testing a lot of new solutions. It is very interesting. I have been active, doing a lot of testing and completing a lot of laps, always with new tires, training a lot, and prepared to jump in a car and do the best you can”“.

“Not have the possibility of doing a test with real riders who have been competing with good teams, so, for me, it was interesting to understand a little more about the tyres and how they work. As a pilot, it is very important to do this kind of things”.

however, Maldonado also includes a future without Formula 1. The IndyCar or the World of Resistance have been potential destinations more commented on, if it does not materialize a return to the grill. In this regard, the venezuelan recognizes that the possibility exists:

we May have to work on a plan B, but it is difficult to say which it is. There are many options. We need to have them on the table, and then try to decide, is open. But, luckily, the Formula 1 is the plan for the moment“.