Pastor Maldonado tries to go back to the Formula 1

The pilot venezuelan Pastor Maldonado tries to return to Formula 1 in 2017. Claims to be negotiating his return with several teams, although there are still no official confirmation.

Pastor-MaldonadoSand extinguished the championship 2015 Formula 1 when we found out that Pastor Maldonado will say goodbye to Formula 1, after losing his position within the team Lotus. The team had decided not to renew its contract, as well as that of his partner Romain Grosjean.

In its place, they entered Jolson Palmer and Kevin Magnussen. Aaunque many times a Pastor was criticized for his riding style, his output was closely related to the problems of its main sponsorship, since PDVSA for several months did not pay the team british. Clear that their way of riding didn’t help you, because many times, was involved in an accident without sense, with a behavior that some of the riders but veterans branded reckless, to the point of demanding sanctions by the FIA.

But despite all this, Maldonado struggle for their possible return to the maximum category. During this season he has participated as a commentator for some strings in Latin america, but in some of the interviews she gave to international media, the pilot of venezuela confirmed that it is negotiating its return to the category with multiple computers.