Pat Fry is the new advisor of engineering Manor

Pat Fry y NIkolas Tombazis charlandoManor is staying with the ex-Ferrari. All the restructuring that has been in Maranello and has left out characters such as Pat Fry or Nikolas Tombazis have course succulent signings, technical teams, small. In fact, Manor has signed already two former Maranello, Nikolas Tombazis as chief of aerodynamics and Pat Fray as the new technical adviser of the formerly called Marussia.

Manor has not only changed the name, has had a major restructuring, in which great personalities have come out and new ones come as these that we list in this article. Pat Fry will be the new advisor to engineering team, and along with Tombazis and the new direction it is taking, will try to carry on to Manor beyond what lately has been, occupying the last place on the grill. In addition will a great ally, the Mercedes engine.

Render del motor Mercedes V6 Turbo Híbrido para F1Pat Fry has had a long F1 career, from his stay at McLaren and Ferrari, to now join the ranks of Manor. The signing has been announced as an official from the social networks of the Manor. In addition, the director of the team Manor, Dave Ryan, ensures that this signing will be a great incentive so that the team can progress faster. The team Banbury have an exciting new technical package that can change the landscape of this team.

The goal is to see the performance of the car since the test in Barcelona, then move to the track at the race in Melbourne to ensure that we make the beginning hard as possible in 2016 and we have a good base to develop in the first part of the season.“. This has been expressed Ryan, even though still keeping silence on the pilots that will lead the new cars in 2016, despite the fact that not very long to the 22 of February where it will start the car in the first test in Barcelona.