Pat Symonds criticizes the Strategy Group: “do Not understand the meaning of the word”


In an attempt to retrieve the magnificence and visual performance of the Formula 1, the new rules of procedure of the category plans for the single-seaters, which will see the light of day at the end of this month, not only are more aggressive on a visual level, if you do not that offer unmatched performance, much higher than in recent years and better than any other car in history, thanks to a significant increase of the aerodynamic drag, and involving again a great challenge to the physical level for pilots.

The Formula 1 does not live a period of single-seaters with a major step for the curve since 2008, the last year before the introduction of the change is visual and the conceptual that was looking for a car more simple and less aero-dependent. To follow the contrary path, and despite the fact that is a DRS that did not exist in 2008, various teams, engineers, and pilots have raised the possibility that the changes hinder the overtaking. something that has been denied previously by Charlie Whiting.

Even with all, the reason why the new regulation was not so clear in the first instance, according to Pat Symonds. In statements to Motorsport, the former chief technical officer of Williams, now retired, heavily loaded against the decision-making process that has been followed in Formula 1 in recent years, arguing that the policy change was a simple pursuit of speed, without that raise the need of the same: “One can understand why Mercedes was not very favourable to any change. The instructions were to make the cars to be five seconds faster. There was No just reasoning for why we should do that. I hope that, at least, have a strategy in Formula 1. we Had a Strategy Group, but they don’t really understand the meaning of the word“.

all in all, Symonds hopes that the presence of Ross Brawn as the strong man of Liberty Media in the field of sports help to set up and design plans and consistent with a clear direction and that, at the same time, are not inmovilistas: “With luck, things can be more reasoned, and you can look forward to where it will go in the next few years. I’ve Always worked with three-year plans. I review these plans, I do not wait until the end and I start again: I check past six months, extend for another six months, and I see what is valid and what is not. I think that Formula 1 needs to do something similar, with five years instead of three, due to the complexity of this”.

Cars spectacular; nothing of “horrible things”

with Respect to the visual area of the cars, Symonds has been much more positive, confessing even that they have exceeded their own expectations, and ruled out that the circumstances that resulted in the design of front little aesthetic a few years ago (like the famous ‘face of a duck,’ or the appendices sharp) happen again, and you think that there is the option of tearing down the established order, although he does not dare to pronounce about how it will be racing:

“I Think the cars look great. I Said earlier that I was worried that it looked too retro, but it is not so. As with all these things, it could have refined some areas and have done some things better to improve the aesthetics of the car, but is not like the horrible things that we had in 2012. In terms of race, that is yet to be seen, but I think there’s a good chance to disrupt the status quo, and that is good, simply because it’s a reboot”.

In the same line has been manifested Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes. Even so, the German who claims to be “excited about” by the look of the Formula 1, 2017, the emphasis is more on the technical changes that could bring down the domain of your computer these past three years, ensuring that Mercedes will not rest on our laurels to take advantage of its theoretical advantage:

“I’m excited to see how they are going to go to the new cars, because we expect it to be much faster. Look spectacular, and are going to be much more physical for the drivers. But when there is a change of rules like this, opportunities and risks, and have set aggressive goals of where we believe that it should go to the car and the engine. We are pushing to the limit to get those goals, but what will be enough or other teams have done it better than us? We don’t know, but, there is a change to the rules or not, this is always the time of year in which we are all very skeptical and in which we question ourselves, or if we have made a work good enough. It has always been the mentality of our team. Not it makes our days more happy, but so we run”.