Pat Symonds leaves Williams


The british engineer Pat Symonds will leave his post in the technical direction of Williams at the end of 2016, as confirmed by the team. Symonds has already 63 years old and for months it was speculated with their retirement.

in the weeks Since there is speculation with the departure of Paddy Lowe, the current technical manager of Mercedes, to join the opposition, precisely in the position that Pat Symonds leaves free. Something that could be framed within the negotiations with Valtteri Bottas for the finn to become the mate of Lewis Hamilton in the German team for 2017.

Pat Symonds has spent most of his career in Formula 1 and within the dependencies of Enstone, current headquarters of Renault. Started at Toleman in the early 80’s and was there when the team became Benetton and subsequently at Renault. On the occasion of the Crashgate the Singapore Grand Prix 2008, Symonds was forced to leave the team and came to be inabilitado for five years to exercise by the FIA.

In 2011 he became a consultant for the team Marussia and, subsequently, after the end of the reduced penalty, he went on to be Technical Director. in mid-2013 he signed for Williams to play that position to the present.