Patrick Head: “Every time there are changes, the advantage is for the big teams”


His background as Technical Director of Williams placed Patrick
Head as one of the voices most reputable
around Formula 1 at the time of
talk about the new technical regulations that will govern the cars from 2017.
And although the general trend in respect of this legislation is to think that you can
revitalize the competition after three years of domination that has been exercised
Mercedes, the co-founder of Williams is not a supporter of this option. In fact,
Patrick Head explains that this ‘formula chassis’ will cause the cars to be more sensitive to the level of performance of the power units.

In this aspect, Patrick Head has explained in declarations
collected by ‘The Guardian’ the reality that it is going to find the Formula 1 in
2017: “If anyone is thinking that these rules have as objective
closing the gap between the teams, then is that it has stones in the
. The cars are going to have a lot more downforce and therefore, they
to be much more sensitive to the power. You’ll need a bigger engine that
never, since the tires are wider and there will be more resistance. No
doubt that the levels of aerodynamic drag of the cars will be


In fact, the Head notes of this new situation: “What makes the engine so very important is that with the greater aerodynamic force that undoubtedly will cars, the percentage of the lap in which the engine runs at full performance will be higher since the grip will also be better. Having that dose of extra power will give a slight advantage”. And he adds: “If I wanted a Formula 1 that allowed more overtaking, without using DRS, then they had to have sought a formula that would reduce the downforce levels, but have gone to the opposite direction“.

Overtaking at the margin, it makes clear Patrick Head is that the new rules will not reduce the gap between the teams: “Every time there are changes, the advantage is for the big teams. The larger formations they have more resources and more ability to develop in parallel to your existing car and the new car. When you have 750 or more employees against, say, the 300 of Force India, the larger teams can do more. Any idea to the contrary is absurd. I don’t think anyone says that this is the goal, has been done to make Formula 1 more attractive and create more excitement”.