Paul Hembery proposed a Formula 1 'three-phase'


The Formula 1 looking for new avenues of promotion to the complex situation at the media level. The loss of interest in the category and the decline in audiences is something that is of concern in the paddock of the category. Maybe because of this need to attract new audiences, Paul Hembery has launched a peculiar proposal. The head of Pirelli believes to have found a solution to encourage the arrival of new fans. According to the british, Formula 1 should be divided in three stages, one in Europe, another in America and another in the region of Australia and Asia.

According to Paul Hembery, the F1 current is programmed according to the european time, even though you compete in any other continent. That lies in the loss of millions of viewers, since the times in America are particularly complicated for the fans. Hembery says that there are to change the calendar and create three distinct phases to promote the Formula 1 is to follow a more convenient way and with best times in each of the regions in which it competes. The championship would begin in the region Australia-Asia, would continue in Europe and would be completed on american soil.


The proposal does not end there, as Hembery believes that it would be good for F1 that each geographical area had its champion. Each stage would proclaim a winner and the most points I had at the end of the year in the combined of the three classifications was granted with the title of the World Champion of Formula 1. A system that in addition to affecting the schedule, the order of the Great Prizes and therefore to the logistics of the teams, would also serve to improve level once the incentives of the pilots and therefore the show.

despite the arguments put forward by Paul Hembery, the idea is not new and the format is very similar to that already used by the European Rallies (CKD). The contest continental divides its tests according to the surface on which they are played. In this way, the initial part of the season will dispute the evidence of winter on snow and ice, scored for the ‘Ice Masters’. During the rest of the season competing in rally-asphalt and earth, punctuating each type of test known as ‘Gravel Masters’ and ‘Asphalt Masters’. Yes, in the ERC results are not binding.