Paul Ricard wants to take over the test of F1 and has an ace in the sleeve


The test of Formula 1 are an interesting source of income for circuits that play host to them and why Paul Ricard, will return to the calendar of the maximum category in 2018 as a venue for the Grand Prix of France, has thought of a solution to try to pick up the baton at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

This year complaints of Pirelli by low temperatures that traditionally occur in Montmeló during the months of February and march with the occasion of the pre-season test, se have intensified due to the entry into force of the new tires. For this reason, Pirelli was intended that the equipment be moved to Bahrain to perform the test, but the agreement did not and the Italian brand must comply with to validate your new tyres in Barcelona.

Now, the Director of Paul Ricard, Stephane Clair has revealed in a statement to that they intend to take up the slack of the Catalan circuit. “Obviously we will celebrate the pre-season test and the new circuit will play to our favor”, confirming also that you are evaluating the implementation of a system to warm artificially the asphalt to end up like that with the problems which Pirelli attributed to the european circuits during the winter. “We are considering to heat the asphalt to maintain the temperature of the track and that allows for a test with perfect conditions for tires. That is what has been lacking in the preseason in some european circuits. The system could be used permanently, but aims to increase the temperature of the asphalt, so that will be used more in the winter. In the summer there is no reason to use it“.


In any case, Clair acknowledges that even there have been no negotiations and that their intentions are clearly targeted at 2018. “there have been No discussions yet. Not even to the test of 2017 there’s nothing done, even though we’re in a good position to talk about it, because Pirelli has made the most of their development here. For 2018, the selection has not begun, but we can imagine that the pre-season test is held here, on a new track that is perfect for the development of the cars”.