Paul Ricard will produce artificially the track in the Grand Prix 2018


the Director of The French circuit of Paul Ricard, who will return to the calendar of Formula 1 in 2018, he has denied any option to wet the track artificially in the Grand Prix of France.

The path French has multiple possibilities for its sophistication, providing multiple possibilities to create a path and, also, thanks to its system of wetting the track, something that has been used on numerous occasions during the test (the last this year when Pirelli tested their tyres from Formula 1 to 2017).

this has been confirmed Stephane Clair in statements to, denying rotúndamente the possibility of wetting the track during the celebration of the Grand Prize. “No, let’s be realistic. The system of wet does not work with the cars on track in any way, so you need to wet the track and then have 20 minutes of shooting with the water levels consistent. Not made for the competition”.

on the other hand, Clair confirms that the intention of the circuit is to use the chicane to split in two the long straight of Mistral, since according to the leader of the French, brings nothing to the show. “to Keep all the line (of Mistral) does not have a lot of sense, is of no interest to the Formula 1. In just a few seconds, the car reaches the maximum speed, so it makes no sense for the show or the pilot to keep to the maximum speed in the whole line. In contrast, using the chicane will be created another opportunity for overtaking, and braking strong, more show”, pointing out in addition that the rapid curve of Signes that arrives next will be to fund the same. “Is what we were looking for, knowing that by removing the chicane, it would be to fund through Signes in any case, what probably will be the fastest curve of the championship”.

however, Clair leaves the door open to a change in the future if the regulation or the characteristics of the DRS system as well as advise. “We’ve talked about it for a long time with the environment of F1, it is the path more logical. However, if there are particular requirements by the regulations in 2018 in relation to the DRS zones, we will be happy to take it into consideration”.