Pebble Beach 2017: the classic more expensive auctions in Monterey


Ferrari 275 GTB/C on the stand of Gooding & Company.

despite the fact that throughout the week there are dozens of acts and events in the Monterey peninsula, the auctions that take place these days are the ones that account for more covers. Not surprisingly, the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance is one of the most important events of the international calendar, so it is common that we find many of the most exquisite, and expensive, of the year.

This edition 2017, was not less, so that all of the homes we had scheduled an auction, which were not few, was presumed of the best catalogs of the year. The most prominent of which were, as usual, the major brands of auctions, Mecum Auctions, RM Sotheby’s, Gooding & Company and Bonhams. Of the hundreds of models auctioned off these days, these four houses practically monopolize the list of the 100 models most expensive, although in the case of the u.s., failed to put this year none of their lots among the first 10.

As we can see in the list below, the brand which took more seats was, as usual, the Italian Ferrari, with no less than 5 of the 10 models more expensive, however, interestingly the biggest honors there went to the firm of Maranello, since this year, its 70th anniversary, many of Ferrari’s most spectacular the could find in the impressive collection of models, seventy in total, the Italian managed to gather display mode. A stunning caravan that amounted to about $ 500 million, with models as rare as the Ferrari SP275RW Competizione or the Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione.


iconic Aston Martin DBR1.

The winner and by far was the iconic Aston Martin DBR1 from 1956, with an astonishing bid of 22.550.000 dollars became not only in the more expensive model of the brand, but also in the british model most expensive in history. This copy has an excellent history and original state, but your biggest argument was to be the first of the only 5 frames that joined the brand model of competition. A model that went on to earn the victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Modelo Año Casa Precio
iconic Aston Martin DBR1 Roadster 1956 RM Sotheby’s 22.550.000 $
McLaren F1 1995 Bonhams 15.620.000 $
Ferrari 275 GTB/C 1966 Gooding and Company 14.520.000 $
Porsche 917K 1970 Gooding and Company 14.080.000 $
Ferrari 250 GT SWB 1961 RM Sotheby’s 8.305.000 $
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Roadster 1963 Bonhams 8.000.000 $
Aston Martin DB4GT Prototype 1959 RM Sotheby’s 6.765.000 $
Ferrari 121 LM Spider 1955 RM Sotheby’s 5.720.000 $
Ferrari 410 Superamerica 1959 RM Sotheby’s 5.335.000 $
Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet 1959 Gooding and Company 4.840.000 $


McLaren F1.

The model who managed to be in second position was also british, although considerably more modern. The first frame of the McLaren F1 imported and modified to be able to register it in the united States was unable to reach the 15.62 million dollars, a price top even at the highest achieved by one of the rare and exclusive versions LM of the F1. So this became the exemplary model for which it has paid out more in an auction.

In third place we find one of the only 12 Ferrari 275 GTB/C manufactured by Ferrari for the happen to nothing less than the 250 GTO in the category GT of the World Championship of Constructors, as the successor of nothing less than the iconic and highly successful 250 GTO. Although to the naked eye looks like a 275 GTB more, what is certain is that at an inner level to have more elements in common with the 250 LM and 250 GTO that with the model that in theory is derived.

In fact, even the rack lightweight of these versions was new, in addition to a body more thin. This unit has reached its previous estimates and managed to reach 14.52 billion, making the copy more expensive model, although still far from the 275 GTB/C Speciale, which the brand launched the previous season. In this series Speciale only produced 3 units, all of them much more listed.


Porsche 917 chassis 917-024.

A case similar to the above, we find him in the fourth position, with the unit most well-known of the Porsche 917K, the frame 917-024 of the mythical model that is considered by many specialists as the sports competition final. This had been used as car camera in the Le Mans movie Steve McQueen, in addition to starring in one of the barn-find most striking in recent times, because after 25 years disappeared, was discovered in a barn near Paris, where he had been hidden and forgotten for more than 23 years. This managed to reach 14.08 million dollars, becoming immediately the Porsche most expensive in history.

After these we can find 4 other Ferrari, a 250 GT SWB short battle (belonging to the Ferrari Performance Collection), a rare 121 LM Spider, a 410 Superamerica and a 250 GT Cabriolet 1959. These are accompanied by two other models English, a prototype of the Aston Martin DB4GT and an eye-catching Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Roadster, which has the peculiarity of having been employed by the very Briggs Cunningham in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1963, something that in the united States has a lot of value, so it is not surprising that to reach $ 8 million, becoming the E-Type the most expensive to date and the third issue most expensive in the history of the brand.