'Pechito' López takes pole in the WTCC at home


There is No option to the surprise when the leader competes at home.
Jose Maria ‘Pechito’ Lopez has scored the pole position for the WTCC in Argentina after
stop the clock in a time of 1:43.044, registry that has served him for
overcome by two-tenths in Q3 Norbert Michelisz. In this way, the pilot
the argentinean will start from the first position of the grid in the race
main of the weekend, while John Filippi will lead the platoon in
the inaugural race. the Great role of Esteban Guerrieri who will start fifth after losing his time in Q3 to go out with red light of the pitlane.

Started the qualifying session with the overcast sky,
although that doesn’t stop the riders from home. And is that the Q1 ended with doublet
of Guerrieri and ‘Pechito’ Lopez
, something that on the other hand could not surprise
after seeing the performance of both during the free. In this aspect, the higher
were the surprises in the back of the group the whole time none of the
Lada Vesta WTCC managed to sneak into Q2
, relegating them to positions very delayed
Hugo Valente, Nicky Catsburg and Gabriele Tarquini. Same fate faced the
Volvo S60 Polestar TC1, although in this case that was to be expected.


Q2 is drawn as a dance perfect of the entire grill
with a first attempt with rubber used, a brief step-by-pit and a few last
laps with new tires. All played this option unless Esteban
, who decided that his first time was enough to reach Q3.
He was right the argentinian driver as Guerrieri finished second,
is exceeded only by his fellow countryman ‘Pechito’ Lopez. The turns of pilots with
access to the Q3 of the closed Yvan Muller, Tom Coronel and Norbert Michesliz, while
John Filippi has scored the pole for the inaugural race
after finishing

The long-awaited fight in Q3 between ‘Pechito’ Lopez and Esteban
Guerrieri fell out of the side of the ‘rookie’ in the first instance
. The pilot of Fields
he pulled the sleeve a time of 1:42.857, registration, serving to
exceed two-tenths to the leader of the fia WTCC. However, Guerrieri saw it as his
time was annulled
out of the pits with the red light, what
became the 1:43.044 of ‘Pechito’ López in the pole position, while Guerrieri
it fell to the fifth place. Between the two is positioning itself second Norbert Michelisz,
that was getting overcome by thousandths to Tom Coronel. Quarter ended Yvan Muller.

Classification Q3 WTCC 2016 in hot Springs

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC 1:43.044
2nd Norbert Michelisz Honda Civic WTCC +0.201
3rd Tom Coronel Honda Civic WTCC +0.240
4th Yvan Muller Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +0.430
5th Esteban Guerrieri Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 No Time



Going page after the classification, Honda Racing rose
with the victory in the MAC3
, the team time trial, which is played by three
cars of each brand. Training japanese chose to place Norbert
Michelisz at the front of the computer, followed by Tiago Monteiro and Rob Huff. With a
good output and very good synchronization, the three Honda Civic WTCC
crossing the finish line with a time of 3:32.872
, a record that would be sufficient to
add the 10 extra points in the constructors ‘ against the poor
return of the Lada and the problems in the Citroën C-Elysée of Tom Chilton.

In this aspect, the Citroën C-Elysée of ‘Pechito’ López and
Yvan Muller looked to have pace enough to be at the height of the time
marked by the Civic, but the French brand was burdened
due to the problems of traction of Tom Chilton
. In fact, at times Yvan
Muller tried to overtake the british pilot before his bad start in the corners,
although it was finally controlled, and she completed the MAC3 position unchanged.
Citroën signed a time of 3:33.549 to finish in second position after
losing six tenths in respect of the registration of Honda.