'Pechito' López takes pole position to Catsburg in China


Pole ‘Pechito’ Lopez and title of Citroën Racing in a
Saturday perfect for the French manufacturer in China. This can be the summary
the classification of the WTCC in Shanghai, but the great back of Nicky
Catsburg has given some intrigue to the final result of the Q3. However,
the champion has returned to practice as such and with a 1:49.339 to his credit Joseph
Mary ‘Pechito’ Lopez has added a new pole
, ensuring the points
necessary for Citroën Racing add his third title of builders.
Nicky Catsburg and John Filippi slip in the private party of
the trademark gala

Started Q1 with Nicky Catsburg at the front, though
quickly the reality is imposed. In his last flying lap, José Maria
‘Pechito’ Lopez marked the best time with a time of 1:50.279
, record that noted
the way to Q2. A path that continued with brilliance the two pilots
Volvo, as well as Gabriele Tarquini and Nicky Catsburg with the Lada. The surprise
was coming from the side of Honda, since while Norbert Michelisz and the pilots
private stronger managed to pass, Tiago Monteiro and Rob Huff were
eliminated in Q1
, a result that demonstrates the low performance of the Honda Civic
on tracks with long straights.


The long faces in the box of Honda were the
portent of the authentic rapapolvo that had a mark on the computation of the overall classification. However, ‘Pechito’ Lopez managed to roll over for the first
time in 1:49 in Q2
, leading to a half-second to Mehdi Bennani. With
the third Citroën C-Elysée in Q3, thanks to the fourth-best time of Yvan Muller,
the two remaining seats with access to the last session remained in the hands of
Thed Björk with the Volvo and Nicky Catsburg with the Lada. The ninth
Norbert Michelisz not consoled Honda that looked like the pole of the race with
inverted grid was for John Filippi

The decisive Q3 left lights and shadows between its five
. The most gray of the session were signed by Yvan Muller and Thed
Björk. The first to stay half a second of your companion box and
ende of the pole and the second for being the only rider unable to shoot in 1:49.
However, Nicky Catsburg with his great round with Lada Vesta and, in the last
instance ‘Pechito’ and its pole
closed a classification in which
Mehdi Bennani without making noise was coming in the fourth, taking a step forward in your
application for the title of the Trophy WTCC.

Classification Q3 WTCC 2016 in Shanghai

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC 1:49.339
2nd Nicky Catsburg Lada Vesta WTCC +0.161
3rd Yvan Muller Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +0.572
4th Mehdi Bennani Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +0.605
5th Thed Björk Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 +1.338



session ‘team classification’ let the only
surprise of the day
. What seemed to be a battle occurs between Lada,
Honda and Citroën became the only joy of the day for the brand
japanese. The first one to jump to the track it was Lada, but the strategy of the team
Russian did not work at all and the brand that he signed a time of 3:49.398. They were not going
best things in the bosom of Honda, although the 3:49.103 marked by the three Civic was turned into good by the mechanical problems of Bennani
that prevented Citroën Racing to compete in the MAC3.