Pechito López: “The WEC covers the vacuum left in me the F1”


José María ‘Pechito’ Lopez has lived the face and the cross of motorsport. The successes he has achieved in his first years as a pilot in cars led him to become the champion of the Formula Renault V6 and to become a test driver for Renault in Formula 1, a task that was combined with the GP2. However, its presence in Formula 1 was not fully realize and ‘Pechito’ he had to return to his native Argentina, where he built a successful career in cars. Their arrival in the WTCC and the three titles in the World Touring car have been its bridge to the WEC.

In this aspect, José María ‘Pechito’ Lopez recognizes in statements to ‘Champions’ have signed by the project LMP1 Toyota has been close a circle that was left incomplete in its first foray into motorsport in europe: The WEC covers the vacuum left in me Formula 1, because I think that these cars are the next in technology. It is not easy to get, because there are not many cars or equipment. In Formula 1, if you have 30 million dollars, you can drive, but here n oes as well, and must convince the team that you choose, after several tests,”.

“When I came back to Europe in 2013, I knew I had to try to run at Le Mans and within LMP1 has explained ‘Pechito’ Lopez, then add: “I got together with Nicolas Todt. As Citroën announced his retirement, I spoke with Matton and I saw that there was no program. Luckily, Vasselon spoke with Todt to know if I was interested in a test, and it was difficult, because to say yes I closed the other doors. It was a dream for me, and although I had chances in the WTCC, I said yes. I prepared myself physically again, but I completed my first test, then a second and below the agreement to be a Toyota driver“.