'Pechito' wins the main race of the WTCC in France


No trace of the superiority of 2015, but it already has the
‘Pechito’ López has won the main race of the WTCC in
Paul Ricard
, and has done so by sending from start to finish, from pole position to
the checkered flag. However, the argentine has had to suffer for
to endure the push of
Tiago Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz, who have completed the
podium with the two Honda Civic
. The great defeated in this race has been Yvan
Muller and the pilot ‘star’ Rob Huff, who was driving last in the first corner and
has finished in sixth position.

The main race at Paul Ricard started with ‘Pechito’ López on pole, a position that he kept in the output despite the good first few meters of his teammate Yvan Muller, who was placed second. While the two Citroën C-Elysée were placed in head, in Honda’s departure was not so positive. The place lost by Tiago Monteiro was joined by a touch of Rob Huff, who had just trompeado in the first curve. The only one that was saved from the burning was Norbert Michelisz, who stood fourth ahead of the Lada of Nicky Catsburg and Hugo Valente.

Not surviving the first few turns the Volvo S60 TC1 of Thed Björk, while in head evident as seen during the morning, the Citroën C-Elysée with 80 kilos of ballast were not higher than the Honda Civic. This meant that ‘Pechito’ López and Yvan Muller could not escape from Tiago Monteiro, who in fact bore down on the French when it was the fifth spin of the plotting gaul. Even Norbert Michelisz managed to cut their distance with the two leaders. Behind, Rob Huff began his particular comeback after the mishap of the output, rising to the post 12 in a blink of an eye.


The battle of Monteiro and Muller allowed him to win 1.8 seconds to ‘Pechito’ López when it was the ecuador of the race, although the strength of the pilot of the Vehicle was not eternal. In fact, in one shot, Tiago Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz went forward to Muller after receiving the gallo a touch of the own Monteiro at the final corner of the circuit. The couple, Rob Huff completed the joy of the official team of Honda to reach the ninth position after overtaking the Volvo S60 of Fredrik Ekblom.

From that moment the race became a duel in the distance, something like a persecution. Tiago Monteiro was cast to the hunting of ‘Pechito’ López, in the same way that Rob Huff rushed against this boiling ridge the group formed by Valente, Bennani and Chilton. Huff was the first to achieve his goal and with a maneuver perfect is pulled out from the middle to Tom Chilton. Also got overtaking Mehdi Bennani to three laps from the end, and did the same with Hugo Valente before meeting with the chequered flag, which no doubt ended with the aspirations of Tiago Monteiro to get the victory

And that is Tiago Monteiro saw I could not overtake ‘Pechito’ López, despite reaching his trail to the absence of two laps. With more suffering than expected and showing his wood-champion of the last two seasons, ‘Pechito’ López was scoring the victory at Paul Ricard, with the Honda of Tiago Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz on the podium. With Yvan Muller and Nicky Catsburg in the no-man’s land for the fourth and fifth position, Rob Huff ended his comeback in the sixth position. Hugo Valente, Mehdi Bennani, Tom Chilton and Fredrik Ekmblom completed the first ten positions in a race exciting.

Classification main race WTCC 2016 at Paul Ricard

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC 17 laps
2nd Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC +0.284
3rd Norbert Michelisz Honda Civic WTCC +3.111
4th Yvan Muller Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +8.652
5th Nicky Catsburg Lada Vesta WTCC +9.814
6th Rob Huff Honda Civic WTCC +19.934
7th Hugo Valente Lada Vesta WTCC +21.792
8th Mehdi Bennani Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +22.130
9th Tom Chilton Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +22.389
10th Fredrik Ekblom Volvo S60 Polestar +2.554