Peculiarities and details of the 24 Hours of Spa


The 24 Hours of Spa is the event star of the Blancpain GT Series and as such the number of pilots, cars and teams grows exponentially in relation to other appointments of the category. This fact forces to make some tweaks to the sporting regulations test for everything to work correctly. In this aspect, the pit stops, the operation of the Safety Car, the Superpole or small details of the regulations have been revised to the test in the path belgian trascurra under the appropriate terms of safety and show.

In this aspect, it should be recalled that the 24 Hours of Spa is not only an appointment, a round of the Blancpain GT Series, but is also valid for the Intercontinental GT Challenge (twelve cars) and for the contest belgian touring car. That is why it has been stated that the vehicles did not GT3 reintroduced ‘National Class’, to be identified by green numbers. In addition, the category Pro-Am of the Blancpain will not accept a lineup of pilots Platinum-Gold-Silver-Bronze. Finally, in alignments with two riders on the Pro and two bronze, these will have to compete for at least 8 hours. If there is one, should be behind the wheel 6 hours.

With the confluence of the three categories, the main classification of the 24 Hours of Spa will be the overall result, regardless of championship or a category to access the podium. There will be a minimum time to walk the pitlane at every pit stop, and also for the process of refilling fuel and changing tires. Also appears ‘Technical Pit Stop’, stop for 5 minutes or more that must be done during the 22 hours of the race. Finally, in the Superpole riders will leave every minute to the track, while in the race to return to the formed of a single Safety Car thanks to its combination with the ‘Full Course Yellow’.