Pediatric surgeon murcia invents a traffic signal to avoid being crushed

Señal PF - Protección Funcional

So is the new signal FP (Functional Protection) that has been designed.

A pediatric surgeon murcia, who lost a friend civil guard in an outrage and an entrepreneur who has survived two accidents, have collaborated to create a new traffic signal to avoid being crushed. Currently this signal is being studied by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) to see if it is incorporated or not to the Spanish roads. A priori it seems that can be very practical in certain cases.

This new traffic signal receives the name of “PF”) Functional Protection. As can be seen in the image above, is a rectangular plate with a red background colour and white patterned reflective in the form of an arrow. The signal adheres to the door of the vehicle when it is stopped. The size of the indicator is 33 x 11 cm, so that it can be kept in the glove compartment of the vast majority of cars that are on the market.

When the vehicle is stopped, is taken out through the window and is placed on the driver’s door thanks to a system of fixation by magnets. This whole operation is done without getting out of the car. It is an effective and simple warn the other drivers of the road we are stopped by a breakdown or accident, and that we’re going to get out of the vehicle. In addition, it is a perfect complement to the triangles hazard warning of danger.

Coche averiado en la calzada

More than 40% of road deaths are caused by abuses. Photo: Race.

According to the latest reports published by the Directorate General of Traffic, the outrages on the road are responsible for more than 40% of the deaths and 15% of those injured in traffic accident. Of these, about 10% occur when you get out of the vehicle before an impact.

In the rules of current traffic specifies that when a vehicle is stopped due to breakdown or other reason, the driver must get out of wearing a vest and place the two triangles on the roadway. However, the current regulations do not provide for any type of signaling to warn other drivers of the need to move away from the vehicle arrested as the driver is about to exit the same. With this signal it is possible to avoid these problems.

despite this, the recommendation made is that whenever you can you must get out of the vehicle to place the triangles for the door farthest from the traffic lane. If we are arrested in the shoulder of the right, and it is possible, we must lower the vehicle by the front passenger door.