Peel P50: the smaller car in the world has been auctioned by close to 160.000€, the price in the united States of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS!

What has this puzzling vehicle for which someone has paid for him $ 176,000, the price of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS in the united States? Good question. What you see in these images is a Peel P50. According to the Guinness book of Records is the production car smallest ever built. The Peel P50 was born back in the sixties in the isle of Man, with the goal of becoming a mobility solution austere, effective, but above all efficient. A car full of curiosities that resurgiría few years ago to re-build it and sell it with a starting price below 10,000 euros before taxes. But why someone would have paid nearly 160,000 euros, at current exchange, for this car?

The Peel P50 was born at the initiative of a company in the isle of Man, he decided to create a “microcar” remarkably economical and austere.

For a start we have to take into account that we are before one of the cars most exclusive ever made. produced 47 units and it is estimated that currently do not retain more than 26. This Peel P50 say it could be the unit’s best-preserved of all. One of his last owners would have exhibited in a museum of Microcars from Georgia, and it would have worried very much for their restoration and conservation, with a paint finish in bright red and chrome in perfect condition.

This unit was auctioned three years ago for $ 120,000, with which its owner during the past three years, has closed an operation apparently cost-effective, even ignoring all the costs that have arisen for its maintenance.


With its light weight, and a system of wheels able to rotate completely virtually on its own axis, the Peel P50 and didn’t need to reverse.

The Peel P50 was a two-stroke engine and 50 cm3, able to develop 4,5 HP, which was more than enough to move their meager 50 kilograms. The Peel P40 was so small that its length did not reach the meter and a half. About your Guinness record would have to qualify that to day of today no longer preserved, having been overtaken by a contraption that more than a car, it looks like a toy, the Wind Up!.

Among the most intriguing aspects of this car, we have the fact that enjoyment a manual change of three relationships, without turning back! The Peel P50 had no need for such a thing to have an address that is capable of spinning the entire vehicle, virtually on its own axis. Thanks to its lightweight construction, and simple motor and very strong, the Peel P50 was able to achieve a consumption of around 2 litres/100 kilometres. A spectacular figure.

Even so, the only way to understand the price that has been achieved in this auction happens by recognizing that today, far from being a classic car, it’s a real museum piece.

Source: RM Sotheby’s
Photos: Greg Keysar | RM Sotheby’s
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