Pegasus, the terror of drivers: so the helicopter DGT in 13 questions and answers works

Pegasus is the terror of drivers. A radar sophisticated enough to monitor speeding and other offenses, from the heights. A contraption high precision, high technology. Feared especially rely on discretion, for being difficult to identify from the road, since usually pursues violators from behind at a distance loose enough so that the driver does not notice his presence.

1. What is Pegasus?
Pegasus is more than a helicopter. The Traffic Department used helicopters since 1961. Today is the oldest and most flight hours of the Ministry of Interior Air Patrol. Pegasus is actually airborne radar system that DGT introduced in some of its helicopters, not the helicopter itself, although obviously we refer to it as a whole, the combination of helicopter and radar.

2. How far flies roads?
Pegasus is able to detect excessive speed with pinpoint accuracy at 300 meters high and a mile away, but can be equally effective at heights of up to 560 meters. The Cepsa Tower in the Cuatro Torres Business Area Madrid complex, is the highest in the Spanish capital with 250 meters high, to use as reference. In any case, the optimum distance for the work of the operators of the helicopter is between 400 and 700 meters from the car.

Pegasus 3. Where is positioned to capture violations?
The protocol DGT requires that the infractions are captured from the rear of the vehicle from behind. And this is not because technically you can not catch infringements with a front view of the lens, but to avoid distracting the driver. The optimum vertical angle at which the helicopter is to be placed is between 0 ° and 30 °, although obviously form a very small angle is not possible, because the helicopter always flying at a safe height. The lateral optimum angle is between 20 ° and 70 °, by the position of the camera systems that analyze the speed of the car and identify enrollment.

4. How far is able to cover Pegasus on each flight?
One of the great advantages of Pegasus is its ability to control traffic over long distances. Each flight of Pegasus usually lasts up to 2.5 hours, in which it is capable of monitoring a stretch of highway 300 kilometers. Distance can be even greater if different flights are linked with stops between databases helicopters DGT .


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