Pelle Söderström, and his engine of 16 cylinders in line: what car mount?

Pelle Söderström is a mechanical engineer and Swedish. Fond of mechanics, and manufacturing since I was young, has recently embarked on an interesting project artisan. What has been baptized as a Sweet 16, and it consists in the craft of building an engine 16-cylinder… get in line! An engine atypical, with a settings are never applied to a production car for obvious reasons, as the length really impractical engine. But Pelle Söderström doesn’t care about practicality. We will know his creation.

the Entire construction process has been documented in your web page, to which you can access from here.

it All started with a dream of youth, with such a Hercules Jonsson television. A young boy who got old cars from the 30’s, carrying out all kinds of crazy things about them. Pelle Söderström wanted to be like the little Hercules, so although getting on in years, he began to fulfill the dream of his childhood. The starting point were nothing less than four-engine Volvo B20 of the 70’s. This block is a robust evolution of the Volvo B18, the same that moves the car with more miles on the planet.

sweet-16-motor-5The blocks were reconstructed, and united in a long process of months. According to its creator, there are four engines together. It is a new engine built from four blocks B20. Its cylinder head, camshaft and your crankshaft are completely handmade. Each piece has been meticulously designed by computer, with parts such as new pistons managers to specialists from the likes of Mahle. The result is a maximum torque of the engine of 16 cylinders in line, with 8.1-liter and a power that should be around 500 HP.

One of the biggest problems was to solve the vibration of the huge crankshaft. It did so by a system of chains that you can see here.

The engine works perfectly, despite having to 3.1 meters in length and a crankshaft of almost three meters of length. Where do you mount this beast mechanical – using bioethanol as a fuel? The engineer had several ideas in mind: I wanted to create a car of classic style, a tribute to the 30’s of the last century. His approach will be entirely handmade: based on the chassis of a van Chevrolet of the years 70, you’ll have to modify extensively to create your car craft.

sweet-16-motor-6Has bought parts of various classics, a Turkish carpet will be the carpet of the car and one of the sofas of your house will be converted into seats. Is still in process, but the end result seems to be promising as little. From motor we admire the courage and ingenuity of someone like Pelle Söderström and we will be attentive to your web site. We want to know how to finish this project, and in what becomes his childhood dream. Only by listening to the sound of its engine ripped out, I’d be satisfied today.

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