Penalty of five positions for Hamilton to replace the gearbox


The british is left without options, starting from the first position Sunday in Austria. The gearbox that equipped Hamilton in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was damaged, and the team has preferred to penalize this way instead of being to the expectation of a failure of reliability in the race.

The gearboxes must have six Great Prizes consecutive life, and the violation of this regulations, the #44 will be out from the sixth position in the best of cases. From Mercedes, was told about this fact to the technical delegate responsible for the Tuesday about noon, so that Lewis Hamilton already knew what was waiting for him to set the fastest time in the two sessions of free today Friday.

fourteen points that separate you from the Sebastian Vettel in the world could be extended this weekend, as the pilot of Ferrari has progressed from the day from the morning to the afternoon, and has been right behind him to a tenth and a half away.