Pepe López and Borja Rozada winning the 208 Rally Cup


Pepe López and Borja Rozada are champions of the 208 Rally Cup. The couple’s Peugeot Spain Rally Team has managed to overcome the adversities in the Rally Terre des Cardabelles and have achieved the title absolute and Junior competition-brand French. This win puts as well the perfect replacement to the victory of José Antonio ‘Rocket’ Suarez a year ago, any time the pilot spaniard also won the title with a hyphen identical. In both cases, the Spanish pilots of the Peugeot Spain Racing Team have been raised with the title in Cardabelles after going after a puncture.

As if the Peugeot Spain Rally Team was paid the same script, Pepe López and Borja Rozada have achieved the title of the 208 Rally Cup in the same way that in 2015 they did in ‘Rocket’ Suárez and Cándido Carrera, with a dose of epic and suffering. However, the Spanish couple has not been able to move from the eighth position in a test in which François-Xavier Blanc scored the win. The reason, a puncture during the first day that made them fall to the eleventh square and that forced both to get a great comeback in the wake of William Wagner.

however, the resolution of the title of the 208 Rally Cup sand dirimió with problems for all the aspirants to the title, that William Wagner, had a mechanical breakdown in the first special stage of the Rally Terre des Cardabelles. The fifth place finish garnered by Wagner for the eighth of the Spanish couple, united to the points of scratch added by the one and the other were more than enough for Pepe Lopez and his co-driver sign the title in the absence of a rally. With this win and as happened with ‘Rocket’, Pepe López and Borja Rozada will have an official programme with Peugeot Sport in 2017.


After winning the 208 Rally Cup, Pepe Lopez wrote: “I Am very
happy. has Not been easy, but we are champions. We have suffered
until the last stretch, but the last scratch and the last position
gained has given us the title. The puncture of yesterday complicated everything. Today we
he has played to compete with the head, loosen it and run just where we had
to run. Thanks to the work of the whole team and Borja what we have
gotten, is a title very important. I want to thank, of course, and
dedicate this title to Peugeot Spain, the figure of Carlos Sainz and
all the people that have supported us
. Going for them”.

The margin of
Pepe Lopez and the title is harvested, the Spanish participation in the Rally
Terre des Cardabelles is limited to the presence of Efren Llanera
, although
the Cup winner Suzuki’s CERT nor had too much fortune.
The good pace of the pilot, Catalan along with his co-driver Sara Fernandez
the first sections of the test was overshadowed by a puncture in the
fourth stage of the rally, which made them lose a lot of time and
positions. Despite retrieving a large extent, the pace shown, Efren
Llanera and Sara Fernandez could not move from the seventeenth position