Pepe Lopez loses the leadership of the 208 Rally Cup in Lozère


it Was the fastest, but could not achieve victory. Pepe Lopez finished second in the Rally Terre de Lozère, fifth round round of the 208 Rally Cup. Despite completing the first stage of the test as a solid leaders, the couple formed by Pepe López and Borja Rozada saw it as their job would be to fret with a puncture on the eighth special. A problem in the Peugeot 208 R2 of the Spanish pilots they were losing 50 seconds to the dessert with the problems of Guillaume de Mevius was translated into its second end position.

A result that could well change in the final leg of the Rally Terre de Lozère whole time this was suspended in strange circumstances. Be that as it may, the reality is that Pepe Lopez was a second William Wagner, minimum difference that made to lose the driver of the Peugeot Spain Racing Team not only to victory in the rally, but also the leadership of the 208 Rally Cup. After the fifth round of the championship, William Wagner leads in a point-to-Pepe Lopez, being the only two candidates in the firm to get the title to the end of the season.

The margin of the thrilling fight for the victory in the Rally Terre de Lozère between Wagner, Lopez, Magnou and Mevius, the fifth round of the 208 Rally Cup, it has left a negative balance for the Spanish riders. Nil Solans had to retire by a mechanical problem in one of the wheels after having a difficult start of the rally, while Efren Llarena and Jose Luis Pelaez ended up outside the top ten. In a test really hard for the mechanics, the cars and the pilots, Llarena finished twelfth, and Peláez thirteenth despite the various problems they had during the rally.