Perez, angry with Alonso: “I pushed on the first lap”


The pilots of Force India were not able to replicate for a weekend in the height of the staged in Mexico, as both Perez as Ocon were involved in certain incidents that were burdened and complicated its options to continue adding points to that fourth position in the constructors ensured that the Rodriguez Brothers.

“Everything is complicated enough on the first lap when Alonso pushed me out in turn 2”, commented Sergio Perez. “I went to the grass and lost another place to Massa, I struggled in the race, because I spent all afternoon trying to pull myself together”. Carlos Sainz also complained that they threw him out of the lane in that stretch of the circuit, without doubt, a disorderly rush to the exit that damnificó large part of the grill. “it Definitely had the pace to finish seventh, but the temperature was so high of the track made it difficult all, because as soon as you tried to attack sufrías massive degradation in the tire”.

Pérez confessed that he tried to change the strategy to turn around the situation so adverse that were involved, although the seventh place is I escaped for a bit after an intense battle against a McLaren and a Williams. “we Tried to change our strategy to flip it, but it was not enough to regain the seventh place. In the last few laps was very close to Massa and Alonso; Massa was very quick in the final sector, Alonso in the second, and benefited from the DRS to defend on the straights. Perhaps with one more lap I might have ahead of time. Taking into account how everything came out, I’m happy with the result, but not satisfied completely”.


The rookie of the team india suffered from the qualifying session, in which he could not meddle among the ten fastest riders of the day, the opposite of his team mate. His touch against Grosjean will be left out of the race, and his compatriot instead of recognizing his error, he argued that he had received a tap on the back of his car.

“I Knew that this day would come at some point, but don’t expect it to be today”, said Esteban Ocon in relation to your first withdrawal after a large number of races without the finish the race before time. “It’s a shame because three years ago my ultimate abandonment in single-seaters. There was nothing he could do, Romain lost the car at turn 6 and crashed with me”.

It’s a shame because three years ago my ultimate abandonment in cars

Ocon ensured that the error of the pilot of Haas damaged your tire, “so that I could not even return the car to the pit lane. 11 are the points that separate you from Perez, in the absence of a single race to the end of the season, a campaign that undoubtedly helped him to accumulate a life experience of face-to 2018. “it Is frustrating, because the car was going fast and had the pace to fight along with the Czech republic. Days like this happen, but I hope to spend another three years before it happens again”.