Perez: Force India is the fourth team from the grill”


The podium achieved
by Sergio Perez in the Monaco Grand Prix has boosted the moral
of a team that, despite living together for many years with the
financial difficulties, you get to stay among the best.

In 2015, despite
start the season with a single-seater of circumstances until the
introduction of the car final in the ninth race, Force India
got to finish the season in fifth place, the best
position of its history in Formula 1
. This year, the team
introduced a major evolution in the Grand Prix of Spain and,
although the end result was not the desired one, yes you could see the step
forward as in terms of performance.

“Barcelona does not
showed the real picture of where we are. We had problems”

In Monaco, Sergio
Perez reached the podium and Nico Hülkenberg showed enough speed
to dispute it also. For this reason, the mexican shows
excited about the possibility of disputing fourth place to
Williams, which currently to them ahead on 29 points. “Barcelona is not
showed the real picture of where we are. We had problems, but still
so we were seventh, so I think I could have gone much
best, which in reality are a lot more competitive. The evolution
works beautifully”
said to, waiting in addition to
the new pieces that are introduced at Silverstone will help them even

“We have a super
computer, and if you see how we ended up in Monaco, we are definitely
on the way to being the fourth best team of the grid”
pointing in any event, that “more money for development would
the most simple things”
. Sergio Pérez takes time showing
their quality, and after the bad experience of McLaren, says feel
more than ready to get back to a big team, something that by
budgetary constraints, Force India will not be able to come to be.

With vista in 2017

One of the dilemmas
derived from limited resources is what time to take
focus of the work in the car of 2017 and to reduce
resources in the development of the current. In this regard, Bob Fernley said that the computer “has experience enough to
determine when we should do the conversion”
, ensuring that “it will
to be sooner rather than later, 2017 is a good opportunity to
us and we have to make sure that the face with
, said the deputy Director of the computer with license

“The priority is to conserve fifth place

Fernley prefer to be more cautious than Sergio Perez, commenting that
“the first priority is to keep the fifth as a minimum. Never
we underestimate the quality of teams like Williams, that are
ahead of us, so it will be difficult [to finish the
season in fourth place]. But, of course, we’re going to do it
best that we can,”
, refusing to close the door to the
possibility of reaching the fourth place finish.