Perez: “no matter what Happens, Force India will always be in my heart”


Sergio Perez knows well what it is like to work for a computer pointer
Formula 1
. Came to the highest category of the hand of Ferrari
and, although it did not become a pilot holder of the Scuderia, he worked to
the orders of Maranello as a pilot test, while competing with
Sauber. Subsequently, he was signed by McLaren to accompany
Jenson Button when Lewis Hamilton decided to go for Mercedes.

unfortunately the experience was traumatic and the things not
left anything right. The mexican was replaced by Kevin Magnussen at the
end of the season and only the call of Vijay Mallya saved his
career in single-seaters.

“I Think that I came to McLaren at the worst possible time. All
the world said: ‘We have made the best car in the world because we
caught the better of McLaren, the best of Red Bull, the best of Ferrari
and we have mixed all’. I said: ‘Wow, that sounds amazing!’.
We took the car to Jerez for the first time and Jenson (Button) was P1.
We thought it would be a good season, but we took the road
wrong with the suspension. Everything is entangled
. We consider
to undo it. I never could adapt to the car, because changing the
Friday to Saturday, time and time again. Signed for McLaren because it is a
great computer, but the car was not at the level of the computer”.

That season, Jenson Button got 73 points for only 49
Sergio Perez, who left McLaren at the fifth position of the
Championship of the World. Kevin Magnussen was chosen by the team to
2014, and Perez had to start again
after a season full of

“they Were hard moments, I struggled to get my mind back together. Not
it is easy to recover from these blows, but life shows you the
way. I consider myself a strong person. it Would have been easy
leave, but I kept focused and went for it. I thought that my
aspirations of going to bigger teams had finished
and never
would have a fighting chance for the Championship


The experience in the McLaren was very hard, and Sergio Perez lost the hope of achieving their goal: striving to be Champion of the World.

But Vijay Mallya called him to accompany Nico Hülkenberg in
Force India and, although the season ended far behind
German at the table, the podium he got in Bahrain will
provided the self-confidence lost
and laid the foundations of his

“The podium in my third race with the team, I returned to
change, I returned the hunger. By this time he had lost
motivation, so I returned the hunger and confidence. If
McLaren threw me, was because I was not good enough
. Is it
I thought, ‘maybe I’m not good enough’… but that
podium, and how I got it, I showed myself”.

Force India has been like a home for Sergio Perez, the place in
the who re-discover themselves and grow as a rider
, in which
to regain momentum to return to the international spotlight. In three
seasons, has achieved four podiums for the team and,
currently, it is the undisputed leader of the formation.

“This team, no matter what happens, will always be in my
heart. What did Vijay for me to save my career in the
Formula 1 -and the entire team when I got here – it’s huge
. I know that
to become a World Champion of Formula 1 do I need to upload
positions on the grill”.


Podium in Bahrain 2014, in which Sergio Pérez recovered the self-confidence.

Sergio Perez is very much aware of that, to achieve your goal
get victories and the championship should leave Force India
. In
currently, Renault and Williams have been tempted, but has not yet
made a decision.

“I Think one of the best things in my case is that I have already
been in a team top of the Formula 1 and I already know what it is to work in
one. I Think I have learnt a lot, how to be the leader of a
team and how to work with large teams, so that is a
big difference, the way in which reason to the people and the way
I work with people
. Logically I am not the same guy
that was three years ago. I have not only grown in age, but as
a pilot and a person, the way you see life and the way you see the
sport. If I ever go to a big team, there will be no
no guarantee that the car is a car top, but I have to
get to work I the car to get the most out of the car and show
that team that I am a pilot top”.