Perez used the only front wing evolved available at Force India


Esteban Ocon will not be able to enjoy the Force India VM11 more evolved in the Bahrain Grand Prix, since the latest novelty prepared for this race, a front wing improved, only to be mounted in the car of Sergio Perez.

The mexican driver will benefit on this occasion of this, as has confirmed Esteban Ocon to the press shifted to Sakhir in the day on Thursday. “we Only have one. Usually, the policy of the team is to use who is higher up in the championship. Although none of us has points, it should be Sergio,”, said the frenchman.

it Is obvious that Force India has not started the season in the ideal position to defend his fourth place in the constructors championship from 2017, as in Australia had at least six teams ahead in the pace of qualifying and race. Ocon recognizes that the car must improve in many areas. “to Be honest, is not just a matter of downforce, are many things. But mainly it is the load that delivers performance in the Formula 1. Compared with the last year, the car of this year is faster, it is a step forward with respect to the previous car”.


In Australia, Force India failed to get into Q3 or score points in race.

In any case, Ocon maintained the hope of easing the situation, as Force India has never started the season among the best, but has always managed to recover ground. “last year was complicated at the beginning, do not rank very well in the first two or three races and then we improved and we were becoming more and more strong during the year, so that is the goal”.

last year we improved and we were becoming more and more strong during the year, so that’s the goal

And, for this reason, it is important that both riders work in harmony, something that at a technical level, the own Ocon confirms that it’s not a problem to get. “in The end both seek the same balance, a car in neutral. The good thing is that we both move in the same direction and give the team the same conclusions”, ” said the protégé of Mercedes.