Perez wants to get to Spa with your future closed


After the renewal of Kimi Räikkönen with Ferrari for 2017, it seemed that the future of Sergio Perez would be linked to Force India at least one more year. But the great performance offered by the mexican driver has caught the attention of several teams with aspirations for the future and now it has become the key market drivers.

“When you return to Spa, everything should be done

despite having an existing contract with Force India, Sergio Perez does not want to prolong the decision any more than necessary, and his aspiration goes through to get to the next Grand Prix in Belgium with all decided and closed. “I Hope it can be resolved soon. When you return to Spa,
everything should be done. There are riders I don’t know if it will be here
(in the Formula (1) in the coming year. It is not my case, fortunately,
I am fortunate to be in a predominant position”
clarified Pérez Autosport.

Very aware of the importance of the decision you take, Sergio Perez wants to evaluate with calm all the options before deciding, and without losing sight of his previous experience in McLaren. “Is a very important part of my career, since I won’t be so
young again and I need to climb in the coming years. I’m
taking many things into consideration that in the past I have not
account. This is how I’m facing my future
. The partner of Nico Hülkenberg in the Force India has deals with Renault and Williams.

The ultimate goal of Sergio Perez passes to dispute the world title at some point in your career, but don’t be obsessed with it and set it as a priority to enjoy the competition as it is currently doing. “I Want to enjoy the moment as much as you can because the life in
F1 goes really fast. If I have the opportunity to compete for the title,
fantastic, but if I can’t, I want to do everything you can to
take advantage of my opportunities. At this moment, I am enjoying
a lot.
I’m 26, so that it is possible to have ten years ahead
you may be in F1”