Performance Ford takes Focus ST 275 horses



Thanks to a package of accessories developed by Ford Performance Focus ST can reach 275 horsepower, while maintaining the official warranty.


Ford-Focus-ST-Mountune-275cv-1 F ord Performance proposes a package specifically designed for the Ford Focus ST, that based on a combination of a number of elements, manages to raise its power to achieve 275 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque . Unlike what happens with empowerment kits offered by third parties, this product developed by Ford itself, to retain the factory warranty.

Ford Focus ST Performance improves up to 275 hp.

Mountune was commissioned to develop a new electronic control unit, which based on a rescheduling, does provide a more aggressive at 2.0-liter turbo using the Focus. The system also modifies the intercooler, replacing it with a high flow, a new air induction system and a new air filter. The group manages 25 hp increase in power and 35 Nm torque.

In addition, although outside of this package, Ford offers to replace the standard differential by one of limited slip , to further improve the level of benefits.

So far only Ford offers this product in United States , with a price that starts at $ 1,359 and reaches $ 2,149 if they choose to use the updated ECU by Mountune. The limited slip differential additional costs thousand dollars.

Adam Gair Product Manager Ford Performance says that this package of improvements to the Focus ST 2015 is the most recent development in the catalog, which allows users take your Focus a step forward. However, considering that the brand also gives the Focus RS with AWD and 345 horsepower, the ST changes may be too expensive.




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