“Performance is in the air”: this is the first time that we see (and hear) the Abarth 124 Spider in video

The new Abarth 124 Spider has made his debut with the occasion of the Geneva to propose a perspective more spicy the Fiat 124 Spider, an alternative more powerful and full of arguments to the Mazda MX-5 of 160 horses (though also significantly more expensive). Now, after his debut under the spotlight of Geneva the time comes to view the article in the video.

Nostalgia and a secondary road to walk behind them, of those we love, of those in which to spend Sunday mornings driving descapotados… Abarth puts us honey on the lips, and leaves us eager, eager, to put ourselves already behind the wheel of this Abarth 124 Spider, will it be as fun as it seems?

Ingredients for the cocktail:

let us Remember that the Abarth 124 Spider is developed on the same platform as the new Mazda MX-5, telling for your mechanical with an engine Fiat 1.4 turbo 170 horses and a specific tuning that we find ourselves in with brakes signed by Brembo, suspension Bilstein and a few stabilizer bars, firmer as well as specific details of design, how is your price? 40,000 euros.