Pessimism as a way of life of Haas in Sochi


From Carbone Industrie to Brembo. The team Haas F1 is
living in a GP of Russia to forget. If the situation itself is complex
within the team by the successive changes of supplier of brakes, in
sports the things do not seem to accompany. Romain Grosjean has fallen in Q1 after
encountering the yellow flags caused by the accident of Jolyon
Palmer. For his part, Kevin Magnussen if you have managed to sneak in Q2. The Danish,
considerably more neutral than its companion box to complain about the
brakes or the ‘set up’ of the car, looking for the positive side of a weekend

Romain Grosjean did not raise his head. His request to ride
the brakes Carbone Industrie has not thrived, and the team has returned to the
Brembo brakes. Perhaps for this reason, the French has been particularly irritated
during the weekend, complaining a lot by radio. In his statements, has
shown a mood similar to: I am Not happy with the car. Something
it just doesn’t work. Magnussen seems to be happy with your car, but I
no. I Think that tomorrow we will have a difficult day“.

In addition, Grosjean has not had much fortune, all
time that in its turn decisive in Q1 has had to slow down because of the
yellow flags caused by the accident of Palmer. Although you will leave the 19th for
the penalty Vandoorne, the French has also been critical of the
rules of the yellow flags: “Today I also had yellow flags
while improving on my last lap. we Must find a solution to the
yellow flags
, because three times this year have ruined the laps
the end of at least one of the cars of Haas”.


Things have not gone much better for Kevin Magnussen. With
all, the dane has managed to pass to Q2 and will start 13th taking advantage of the penalty
Sainz, that allows you to earn a position. The ex-pilot of Renault knows that
things are not being easy, but you try to pull the team: We are
suffering as a team this weekend
, more than in the previous races.
It is not perfect, but I think that the 14th position was the maximum we could
get today. I Think with a perfect lap I could have been 11th, but
everything is very tight”.