Peugeot 208 2015 video: renewed weapons to confront the Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio and company

Peugeot updated the Peugeot 208 to leave us with facelift allow it to continue to face the second half of its commercial life incorporating new aesthetic details, engines, slight nuances in their interior and new driving aids . Now is the time to see each other with this renewed Peugeot 208 video .

ready to continue confronting al Renault Clio at Volkswagen Polo at Ford Fiesta and the Peugeot 208 2015 Company launches new optical LED and tires, but the main change I can see in the front assembly, with a new grille and a new finish for the lower part of the bumper.

Under the hood a range of updated engines and BlueHDI PureTech able to overcome and rules EuroVI with power range that goes from 68 to 208 horses from Peugeot 208 GTI .

The updating your multimedia system is the main attraction of the interior renovation of this facelift. It also incorporates new attendees to driving, such as emergency braking system in town and automatic parking system.

For details of the new Peugeot 208 2015 do not miss the article “Peugeot 208 2015, new life: the 4 major innovations of the Peugeot utility.”

Source: Peugeot
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