Peugeot already has his pick-up to certain emerging markets

When Carlos Tavares arrived at the address of the PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) things are not painted well for the consortium. To address the outrageous who had ridden, rehabilitated the accounts and presented the restructuring plan “Push to Pass”. In this document, it is specified what would happen with the ranges of the three brands, which form the group gaul, and among the models that we drew attention to was the arrival of a pick-up.

The firm that would receive in the first place this model would be Peugeot. Logically Citroën could also receive it, but with the new approach that would have the brand did not seem to fit very well in their new range. As it has been, the first pick-up large Peugeot has already been presented, although maybe when I see you you bring a little disappointment.

When we found out about this advent we all thought that the PSA Group would pull the industry agreements that it has with Toyota, or even Mitsubishi. The logical thing to do would have been to see the Hilux in the japanese home highlighted with the logo of Peugeot. However the platform that you have chosen the leaders of the house gala is another most well-known and we could say old-fashioned.

If you look at the photos you can see that the Peugeot Pick-Up is no other than the previous Nissan NP300 generation (D22). This model, which is presented as new, it is not more than a second chance trade the old pick-up of the japanese house. That has been on the market between the years of 2008 to 2015 and has letters of presentation a robustness and reliability to test bombs.

As the original model, the Peugeot Pick-Up will be moved by a block diesel with 2.5 liter displacement, 115 hp of power and 209 Nm of maximum torque. May be associated with a gearbox of manual cutting and 5 relations and two types of traction at the front axle and another four-wheel drive with low-range. As with the mechanics, the design hardly varies with respect to the NP300 original, being modified only the back door that integrates the appellation Pick-Up, that has been chosen by Peugeot as a trade name.

The Peugeot Pick-Up will not reach all the international markets because, in the plan of the brand include only African countries. With this target it is not surprising that their equipment only to see the front airbags, the ABS and the parking sensors rear. In addition, will only be available with the body of the double cab and five-seater. After the interior feature a bath tub, which will let you load up to 900 kg or objects of up to 1.4 meters long.

Will have to see if the PSA Group are encouraged to to venture into the segment of the Pick Up with a product more suited to european tastes. Surely your partner Toyota will be happy to give them a few Hilux for there to be more variety in the market, as did Mitsubishi with Fiat, for example.

As a curiosity must say that the Nissan NP300 generation D21 is still manufacturing in China under the brand name ZNA (in the gallery you have a photo for you to see the similarity).

Source – PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS)

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