Peugeot and Beneteau will present a boat with an i-Cockpit, built-in

As many of you know, Peugeot amazed all with his new i-Cockpit. The new design of the dashboard, as well as the box of instruments, they obtained a design modern and stylized, very different from what the French firm implemented in their models. Now, Peugeot and Beneteau, a manufacturer of powerboats, will present at the Paris Boat Show, a craft inspired by the i-Cockpit.

The interior of the boat thus adopts a aesthetic is much more modern. In fact, the steering wheel of the own vessel seems to come directly from a model of the French firm, something that draws attention. All the details that we can find a car, they are implemented in this curious experiment French.

One of the highlights of the design of the i-Cockpit the keys are of a metallic appearance, and that they function as keys of a piano, very useful when configuring the air conditioning or to move between sections such as the radio or navigation. This inner, premiered on the Peugeot 3008, without a doubt, it was a step forward to the innovation that is so characteristic of the brand gala.

Now, the French, in the company of Beneteau, the manufacturer of sailing boats and vessels motor, they have taken that design to the boats. The Paris Boat Show will be the place where you present your prototype, and as seen in photos, no doubt overwhelmed by their sharp lines, stylized and modern. Peugeot says that the finished vessels is the same as that of the cars, and it has used the same leather of Nappa and the same chrome that the similarity is as faithful as possible.

Peugeot is not the only brand that matters its designs to the world of navigation. Recently we met the project AM37 Aston Martin and Quintessence, and Mercedes and Lexus also presented their prototypes during this year. The market of ships, moves a lot of money throughout the world, and some of the firms do not want to miss the opportunity to get in on it.

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