Peugeot believes that the demand for the SUV will fade away

Peugeot believes that the era of the SUVs will come to an end and are already working on new ideas that will be implemented while the high demand continued in force.

Peugeot-2008-2016-1 despite the growing demand for SUVs across the world, the director general of Peugeot Maxime Picat says that this trend will not last forever. According to statements made to the british publication Coach, the manufacturer of French origin, is already looking for which will be the trend that will replace the current demand for the SUV.

Picat said that Peugeot is already working in that sense, noting that already there has been some interesting ideas that can be put into practice while the ‘fever SUV’ still continues in force. The management considers that there is a significant number of clients who do not feel attracted by the SUVs, but at the same time do not consider the sedans or the hatchbacks, but rather looking for something novel, although declined to give more details about the project.

Also considers that, although the majority of the manufacturers, even the Peugeot, develop an SUV behind the other to try to satisfy the demand of segments are increasingly defined, the growth in demand will not last forever and sooner or later the era of the SUV will come to an end.

and SUV crossovers have been responsible for 23% of car sales in Europe during the past year, while in the united States the figure rose to 35%. Analysts believe that by 2020 half the vehicles sold worldwide will be SUVs.

despite this, Peugeot continues with the development of a new generation of the 3008 and 5008.