Peugeot designs a seating plane of only 4 kilos in weight

Peugeot Design Lab is the division of Peugeot specialized in industrial design. Do not conceive of cars, but that they collaborate with other companies in the production of helicopters or pepper shakers, by citing two examples that are more distant than we think. On this occasion, the brand gala has shown us a few new seats for an airplane, created in collaboration with the company Expliseat. The feature most noticeable of these seats is their weight of only 4 pounds the piece. Yes, each one of them weighs less than a good watermelon.

These seats are modular and can be installed in groups of two to four units.

The lightness in the construction of these seats lies in its structure, built of titanium and carbon fiber. Are exotic materials, but its cost has been reduced considerably over the last few years. In addition, this lightweight construction makes the plane lighter, consuming less fuel and increasing its profitability during its useful life. It is more than possible that come to mind. Are modular and can be installed in groups of two to four seats.

asientos-peugeot-2Are meant for all types of commercial aircraft, for example, the Airbus A380. French design studio has inspired by the latest advances in premium seats for cars to create this seat. Have chosen a combination of different colors for the upholstery, a soft right to the body and a coffee table of great size – one of the complaints typical of any traveler in economy class of any airline.

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