Peugeot does not want to be limited to cars, so it is your first helicopter!

Quiet, the Group PSA has not become a cluster of aeronautics of the night to the morning. But the Peugeot Design Lab has worked closely with Airbus in the design of its latest helicopter, the H160. The study design was the winner of a public competition on the part of Airbus, which was looking for design influences outside of the aviation industry. Before this H160, one of the last jobs of the Peugeot Design Lab had designed a food truck. What have they done with this helicopter medium?

Peugeot Design Lab has collaborated previously with other aviation companies, such as Dassault or Bombardier.

H160 is a new helicopter, but we could say that is a face wash of the Airbus Dauphin. In the background, the civil aviation industry has some parallels to the automotive world. Airbus has applied slight changes to the design of this helicopter passenger, transport executive comparable to a private jet. Among other changes, the help of Peugeot has allowed the fairing close to the turbine is much more stylized, as well as its front, look more sharp, more aerodynamic.

With the range H160 Airbus makes a strong investment in design, with the aim of separating their machines from those of other competitors. Helicopters are not cheap, and a transport private high-end is the H160 exceeds with ease the 7 figures. Peugeot Design Lab has also designed the decoration of the helicopter. The glazed surface is extended by using a black vinyl to the front of the helicopter, and a blue band highlights the tail section, surrounding the rotor on the rear.

Is a helicopter, sleek and retractable landing gear makes it even more stylized. Peugeot Design Lab is not a company employee to partnerships with the aeronautical industry france: you have done work for Dassault Aviation and Bombardier, and have collaborated with companies of other sectors. For example, the manufacturer of appliances E. Leclerc, the manufacturer of pianos Meyer or Quechua – yes, the brand of clothing and accessories of adventure so famous thanks to Decathlon – without going any further.

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