Peugeot eF01 the new electric bicycle feline

Peugeot eF01we All know Peugeot as a great brand of cars. That is true, as it is, that controls the PSA Group (Peugeto, Citroën, and now, DS), and is one of the manufacturers of cars most traditional in the world. However, many may not know that Peugeot did not begin his career as a brand, designing and selling cars, but that is dedicated to other tasks until he got his chance in the world of the four wheels.

Peugeot, as a brand dedicated to various activities carried on active from 1815 – 1820. His first foray into the world of the wheels, namely on two wheels, came in 1886, when came to the market with the first bike. However, her first car would not arrive until the year 1890, and would make it next to Gottlieb Daimler. The Type 3 was a car of four-seater, with seats oriented towards the inside and by the time it reached 18 kilometers per hour top speed.

Peugeot eF01Because even though time has passed and Peugeot has managed to be one of the major brands of cars in the world, has not ceased to perform another series of works. In this case, the lion brand has introduced the that is your new bicycle. This bike has little to do with the one launched to the marketplace in that far-off in 1886, and is more adjusted to the needs of the current customers.

To start this bike has electric assistance. The power to help move it around comes from a lithium ion battery that allows an autonomy of 30 kilometres at a maximum speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. To charge the battery, the bike can be connected to the electrical network normal or the taking of 12 volts of any car. The estimated time for charging is situated in the two hours, in addition, the rider can control the battery that is available by using the application Mypeugeot.

Peugeot eF01As can be seen, this bike is foldable, allowing the user to be able to close and carry in the boot of your car and when you need it you can open it and easily navigate through the city. According to the brand, the maneuver of folding and unfolding requires only 10 seconds. This bike has a weight of only 17 pounds and features a carry handle for the user to be able to move folded in a convenient manner. In addition, as an element of comfort, if we share the bike with other people, you have a system to memorize the height of the saddle, and in this way we can adjust without making a big effort.

Source – Peugeot