Peugeot Fractal: 14 curiosities of the most spectacular in Frankfurt Peugeot prototype

Yesterday we ran out of words to know the last French prototype, the Peugeot Fractal . It is coupe, is convertible, is extremely compact and spectacular. With 3.81 meters in length, is 16 centimeters shorter than a Peugeot 208. It has four squares, with a removable roof, a very aggressive design that aims to be the evolution of other spectacular sports prototype that met in 2010, the Peugeot SR1 and all keys to thrill. Will we see on the street? Hardly. What I see, probably, many of the technologies and ideas that have been implemented in this prototype and we show, in detail, in this article, in 14 curiosities and 14 images of the Peugeot Fractal .

A dream! The Peugeot Fractal is a spectacular two in one: coupe and roadster

The Peugeot Fractal is, in other words, a laboratory on wheels , a prototype in which Peugeot is investigating how will future models, not necessarily explores the possibility of a sports car, or a roadster who follow this line. Although obviously that we love.

Why is this so interesting prototype? Because it presents the latest evolution of interior Peugeot i-Cockpit, breakthroughs in sound is powerful, electric, remote control via enjoys SmartWatch and so we will see in this article.


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1. A sculptural and intelligent design . Although the least of this prototype is its design, believe me, Peugeot has created a statuesque, aggressive figure, with a front grille that blends with the headlights, a product designed to cut twenty design and a lot of muscle. The roof, as we mentioned, is detachable convertible to enjoy. His body has been decorated in two tones, pearl white and black.

More details of its design: weighs only 1,000 kilograms


peugeot-fractal-68 2. The future of the sport, is it electric? Peugeot has used an electric system based on the combination of two engines of 75 kW (102 hp), a lithium-ion battery of 30 kWh and a range total of 450 kilometers. Does the spotlight put on Tesla? Maybe.

thus we speak of a sporty all-wheel drive premium collection of your rear axle. In the 0 to 100 km / h, which is practiced in 6.8 seconds, goes into operation first rear engine and front engine is accompanying progressively until both work in unison delivering a total of 204 hp. The first kilometer it runs in just 28.8 seconds.

peugeot-fractal-imagenes-16 3. 3D printing . One of the obsessions of Peugeot going to create an interior with excellent acoustics, to harness the benefits of a sound system of the highest quality. To do this, Peugeot had to optimize absolutely all panels of the carrier, so that ensured the best possible sound. And that would not have been possible without requiring a whimsical take advantage of 3D printing. 80% of the panels and visible elements of its interior were created using 3D printing.


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4. Reduce your height in 4 cm . To further enhance its aerodynamics, and avoid uncomfortable negotiating bumps, or ridges and the entrance to the garages of the city, the Peugeot Fractal is able to reduce its clearance from the ground of 11-7 centimeters. This solution also helps improve efficiency, one of the obsessions of Peugeot in this prototype.


Where is the limit of tactile surfaces?

5. The latest evolution of the i-Cockpit . Peugeot continues to work in a position of intuitive and ergonomic driving. Several years have passed since the Peugeot 208 surprised us with its implementation over the steering wheel, which is not equally fit all drivers, but I personally like. The next step will probably increase the presence of screens (the instrumentation of this prototype is 12.3 “) and digital controls. And even they arise and use touch interfaces on the wheel.

peugeot-fractal-41 6. Peugeot has developed a touch interface in a floating console which includes a display of 7.7 “to grant full control to the driver and a joystick for starting and volume control entertainment team.


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7. The importance of stereo . This prototype opens an advanced sound system called 9.1.2, further typical satellites distributed around the cabin, and front and rear subwoofer, including severe screens integrated in the seats themselves.

peugeot-fractal-75 8. The Fractal Peugeot would also be prepared to induction recharge your batteries , without wires.

peugeot-fractal-34 9. A secret. In the future we drive cars, also sports, with higher and narrow wheels. The prototype of this very small are 19 “and aimed at minimizing rolling resistance and noise going on, something very important in an electric car is also convertible.

peugeot-fractal-74 10. Control your car from the watch . Peugeot and I have thought of integrating smartwatch in their cars. In this case, a Samsung Gear S allow access to information on the battery charge status, the interior temperature, vehicle location, or even would open the doors connecting the climate control and audio system.

peugeot-fractal-36 11. Another curiosity, Have you seen its suicide-style doors?


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12. The importance of light LED . Manufacturers continue playing with lights and designs increasingly capricious and exotic taillights. They are one of the most important interfaces between us and the other drivers, a system that increasingly enjoy higher functions beyond the obvious, to allow us to see and be seen. Lighting braking and progressive direction we already see in some models, for example, is a step in this direction.

peugeot-fractal-33 13. The row LED of the rear lights , for example, will change its tone to show the charging status of the car.


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14. Passengers also have the . Its compact dimensions have not prevented the rear, two seats have a touch screen between them to control the climate control or audio system.

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A dream! The Peugeot Fractal is a spectacular two in one: coupe and roadster

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