Peugeot is negotiating with General Motors for the purchase of Opel


The headquarters of Opel in Germany.

This is a scenario that we couldn’t imagine. According to the latest reports from Reuters, several sources confirmed that General Motors and the PSA Group were in talks to to merge the european branch of GM with PSA, that is to say, merge Opel with psa Peugeot – Citroën.

This morning, before the opening of markets in north America, GM launched a syrupy press release praising the synergies born with the collaboration agreements, Opel – PSA, and of step, confirming previous reports from Reuters, as did PSA few hours before, which also confirmed the news.

“In this framework, General Motors and PSA Group regularly reviewed further possibilities of expansion and cooperation,” reads the statement, adding that “the PSA Group and General Motors confirm that they are exploring numerous strategic initiatives with the goal of improving the profitability and operational efficiency, including a possible acquisition of Opel Vauxhall by PSA”, although finally clear that “there can be no assurance that an agreement will be reached”.

previous reports mentioned only in Opel and not to the british branch of GM, Vauxhall, however, the release of GM seems to make it clear that Opel and Vauxhall would be an entity indivisible. Which is logical, since the british brand has decades of experience selling simple versions with the steering wheel to the right of the catalog Opel, in addition to any sporty version from Holden.


The Renaissance Center, headquarters of General Motors in Detroit.

As pointed by the anonymous sources of Reuters, which of course were right, the conversations between the two groups are already in a very advanced stage. By the words of both companies, what is for sure mutual encouragement to expand their relationship, although this may result in different possibilities.

on the one hand it simply could be to expand the partnership agreements current, by increasing the models of which already they both share the development and manufacturing, and currently comprises several product lines. From the commercial, with the new generation of the Opel Combo as a byproduct of the new Berlingo and Partner – still in development – or the small MPV Opel Meriva and Citroën C3 Picasso, without forgetting the latest releases of PSA, the Peugeot 3008 and the upcoming DS 7 Crossback, which share the platform EMP2 of the PSA with the future Opel Grandland X.

These agreements derive from the time in which we went to another similar attempt to merge the two companies, and that concluded in 2013 with the sale of the shares that General Motors possessed of PSA.

For the moment, the only official information that we have affirmed the intention of both companies to expand their relationship, for what wait events. Realized the purchase, the group of brands resulting (Peugeot-Citroën-DS-Opel-Vauxhall) would be the second group’s car volume in Europe, with a 16.3 percent market share.