Peugeot RCZ R Bimota, surpassing the 300 horses

peugeot rcz r bimota 31 Peugeot RCZ R Bimota, superando los 300 caballos Peugeot and Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota have joined forces to create a special edition of Peugeot RCZ R . The model also gets a name with the classic structure of Bimota, PB104. The first letter corresponds to Peugeot (in case the first letter is the initial manufacturer’s motor), the B represents Bimota, 1 project number one and 04 the number of wheels.

The exterior is striking for its d├ęcor where red and white are protagonists , although there are details in black, as alloy wheels, and a nod to the origins of Bimota with flag Italian in the rear flippers. While abroad no major changes beyond decoration, inside found a I dashboard completely upholstered in Alcantara material that is also present in combination with the leather sports seats and panels door. Some red accents put the note of color, along with contrasting red stitching.

peugeot rcz r bimota 2 Peugeot RCZ R Bimota, superando los 300 caballos One of the most notable changes is the small screen in front of the passenger. It is a TomTom Bridge with 7 “screen that reproduces images GoPro Hero 4 which is placed in the front of the vehicle, concealed in the transverse black trim grill .

The Peugeot RCZ R Bimota also serves to demonstrate that the French brand to where it is able to take your motor 1.6 THP . This model reaches 304 horsepower compared to the already impressive 270 Series offers. The power increase is achieved with a new valve, intake and exhaust and reprogramming specific. The suspension has been lowered by 10 mm with respect to an RCZ R and front brakes are larger, with 380 mm in diameter and 4-piston fixed calipers. The gearbox is still manual six relationships with Torsen limited slip differential.

For now unknown details concerning the production of this special RCZ has been presented in Motor Bike Expo 2015 in Verona .

Source – Peugeot


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