Peugeot Spain Racing Team presents its project 2017


Jose Antonio ‘Rocket’ Suarez and Pepe Lopez are the two
drivers of the Peugeot Spain Racing Team and the managers of dye rojigualda
the last two editions of the 208 Rally Cup
, cup-brand organized by Peugeot
Sport. The result of these wins, ‘Rocket’ Suarez and Pepe Lopez have become
in official drivers of Peugeot
and in 2017 will form a team with 100% Spanish in the
European Rallies. Both will compete with two Peugeot 208 T16 R5
new specification managed by Sainteloc Racing, with which to defend
the interests of Peugeot and the team sponsored by Carlos Sainz

Both ‘Rocket’ Suarez -along with Candido Carrera – as Pepe Lopez -with Borja Rozada- will be registered within the category of recent creation ERC Junior U28, which, as its name indicates, is intended for riders under the age of 28 years. The program of both is composed by six rallies and the aim of both will be to get the title, not only for the prize to compete with a World Rally Car of older generation in a quote from the WRC, but to get the best preparation for taking the leap into the World of Rally. The six rallies that take place are Azores, Canary Islands, Poland, Barum Rally Di Roma Capitale and Liepaja.


During the presentation of the Peugeot Spain Racing Team,
Carlos Sainz, godfather of both pilots, has been very clear in relation to this
new program: it Is essential that José Antonio and Pepe have mutual respect,
even more in a team formed by 100% by pilots and co-pilots in spain. I
I shared equipment with some of the riders more important to the story as
Kankkunen, McRae or Loeb, among others, and always the camaraderie and respect are
basic. From there, learning each day to be able to get the dimensions more
high is the next target
, and the European is the best place to do it”.

As is logical, both drivers have shown their ambition
during his intervention in this act. In this line, ‘Rocket’ Suarez has
commented: “it Is normal progression that Peugeot Sport and Peugeot Spain
Racing Team want for us.
last year I had the good luck to be able to
compete in the World, but there you go very prepared because there are only
the best.”
, Pepe Lopez supported the words of his
companion:Our goal is to win the European and then see if you can
access with guarantees to the World. Even so, winning races is the objective, there is no
nothing more that we have between eyebrow and eyebrow”.