Peugeot Sport repeats in the Silk Way Rally without Carlos Sainz


Peugeot Sport has been found in the Silk Way Rally to be a gold mine
terms of sports, advertising, and competitive. The test, also known
as the Silk Route, assumes an almost perfect scenario in every way. By
its length and its journey
, which joins the Red Square of Moscow with the capital of
China, the test assumes a perfect preparation to face the Dakar, with a
limited competition and a dose of self-requirement higher than they can offer
the own rivals. For this reason, Peugeot Sport will defend triumph in the Silk
Way Rally with three Peugeot 3008 DKR

Cyril Despres, current winner, Sébastien Loeb and Stéphane
will be the three riders competing in the Silk Way Rally between the
days 7 and 22 of July, as already done in the edition of 2016. An alignment
that many carats that will be able to demonstrate all his talent along the steppe
kazakhs and the Mongolian desert, but that he is not Carlos
. Far from being a problem, since in 2016, was complemented with the presence
the Spanish rider in the Baja Aragon, the absence of Sainz does no more than increase
the questions


However, everything indicates that Peugeot Sport has the
firm intention to continue in the Dakar until 2019, but with a twist. Of
fact, it is rumored that the French brand only align three Peugeot 3008 DKR in
the next edition of the raid in the south american
, being the only rider confirmed Sébastien
Loeb, by the greater length of their contract. At least that is what slipped
Carlos Sainz in a recent act that also made clear that
you do not have clear continuity in the team, both by their own desire
decision that he may take the team in relation to the four riders
that has
on the payroll.

With all the own program of Peugeot Sport is subject to the technical standards you wish to adapt the FIA for the Dakar. However, the category queen of the raid will be limited to 4×4 vehicles with gasoline engines beginning in 2019, just the contrary concept to which they have followed the Peugeot 2008 DKR, 2008 DKR16 and 3008DKR, three buggies with engines turbo. Given the good results that have been obtained with this concept, the presence of Peugeot in the Dakar 2018 is taken for granted, but from then on there is nothing defined and more with the option to return the category LMP1 WEC.