Phase VI of LatinNCAP have its first results next April 15


LatinNCAP announced new impact test results stipulated for April 15 . These results will begin to Phase VI test and the event can be followed live via Internet.


Renault-Clio-Mio-Latinncap-0-estrellas E l Programme New Car Assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean, which is known as LatinNCAP announced for April 15 a new series of impact test results, at the same time serve to start Phase VI.

This is the first round of tests since few weeks ago it was announced one expansion of evaluation methods vehicles, after which it will be more difficult to achieve gain the maximum score of five stars.

The major modifications around new forms of measurement are related to the inclusion of electronic stability control as essential to get four stars element or the maximum five-star ranking .

As usual it will live through the agency’s website, which can be followed online from 11:00 am GMT -3 from





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