Philippe Bianchi: “The accident of Jules was a complete disaster”


The accident of Jules Bianchi in Suzuka for the Grand Prize of 2014 was a strong shock to the world of Formula 1, that he had not suffered a fatal accident in competition since the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994. Although the young and promising French rider did not die until 17th July 2015, will not again be aware from the time of the accident.

Philippe Bianchi, father of the pilot of the Marussia and protected from Ferrari, is immersed in a process that aims to ascertain responsibilities in the courts, so that think it was a negligence on the part of the FIA.

In the last few laps of a race that had been delayed very much by rain, Adrian Sutil went off track. Charlie Whiting, race Director, ordered the yellow flags in that sector, but not the safety car while the crane was going out to the pozzolan to remove the Sauber. Shortly after, Jules Bianchi lost control at that point and struck the machine, losing consciousness and neuronal functions as a result of the impact and the deceleration.

I Say
and I repeat that the errors were committed and were clear
not had an accident in relation to the risks of his job
work. In all the accidents that I have seen, even the most
terrible, there are always repeats, but this time there were no images
of the FOM to show what actually happened
. The people that I
it attacks because it wants to maintain its privileges in the F1 doesn’t affect me.
But if they say ‘yes, mistakes were made but you can not
go back’, that for me would be a step forward

His father says that Whiting acted in a negligent manner during the process and embarked on a judicial process, still open and for which he received angry criticism. “I
to the lawyers so that you know the truth, and do pay to the
responsible for their mistakes. Not
I can’t imagine any parent, including those that we
criticize, not doing the same thing to us if this should happen to your

For Philippe Bianchi, the accident of his son had little to do with the risks of competition, and yes with a bad práxis. If
Jules would have had an accident like these (the
Henry Surtees or Felipe Massa)
I should not have said anything, because Jules knew the risks
faced. But

accident of Jules was a complete disaster!