Photo spy: filtering the new McLaren-Honda 2017


When we thought that nothing could beat the news of the year, the retirement of Nico Rosberg as Formula 1 driver, the filtration of the new McLaren-Honda MP4-32 could perfectly overcome it.

The new regulation that seeks to return the show to the Formula 1 and engage the fans, has led to a situation where there is a race to get the first images of the new cars, which will be radically different to those of 2016.

But McLaren has opted for an alternative way to try to win races and it is quite possible that the rest of the teams look as surprised as us by the look of the new McLaren MP4-32.

Four wheels per axle

One of the first things that attract attention in the new McLaren is that the Woking-have opted to use two wheels in each corner of the car, instead of the more wide that Pirelli intend to introduce this season. This solution recalls in a certain way, to which Tyrrell was adopted for P34 1976 and eventually it came to a good port because the tire supplier, Goodyear, did not want to invest in your development at a pace that Formula 1 needed. The photo spy does not show the brand chosen by McLaren for the supply of these tires, which have also been mounted on some low profile tires, but our spies in the paddock say that will be Milan the chosen provider.


In the picture, the wheels revolutionary chosen by McLaren, who in addition to bring back the Formula 1 of the hubcaps seen in 2009.

The novelties do not end here, because McLaren is bringing back the hubcaps to the Formula 1 for improving the aerodynamic flow through the wheels, and, above all, to minimize the turbulence created by the pair of wheels and a vacuum is created between them.

Goodbye to the carbon fiber

John Barnard was the first engineer that introduced the carbon fibre chassis in Formula 1 and made by the hand of McLaren in the 80’s. Now, Tim Goss, Technical Director of McLaren, has decided to go for the aluminum because, besides being cheaper, facilitates the incorporation of accessories to the chassis without resorting to an autoclave.

Because the rule is radically different in 2017, McLaren has chosen a very different path, the improvement potential is huge and Goss want to get a speed of evolution that is unprecedented in the category.


it is Also surprising that McLaren have opted to introduce the HALO one season earlier than planned. As we have our spies at the McLaren Technology Centre, Fernando Alonso has insisted because it is already “very higher” and, in addition, we have said that in the preseason test “expect gusts of wind that give a lot of miedito” and do not want to repeat the bad experience of 2015. For this reason, you want to take all precautions possible.


The HALO McLaren will be tested in the pre-season test to be held in Barcelona.

Engine 1,007 horses

Finally, the key element of the new car McLaren: Honda engine. After the difficulties of the first two seasons, the japanese firm has worked intensively to optimize the whole engine-ERS in a manner that is as small as possible and can be adapted to the traditional concept of the McLaren Size Zero, that with the MP4-32 has been carried to its extreme.


But that hasn’t stopped it from developing a power that rivalizar√° with the offered by Mercedes and that stood on the magic figure of 1.007 horsepower, which from the outset was the objective of the japanese and that now, finally, becomes a reality.


Due to the youth of Stoffel Vandoorne, who this year made his debut as a pilot officer, they have designed various decorations for you to choose the one you like best and thereby feel motivated to face the challenge that awaits you in 2017.